Boulder Anxiety and Trauma Therapy

One of my specialties is working with anxiety. The source of your anxiety may be known to you. Perhaps you experienced a single traumatic incident such as being injured in an accident, or witnessing the death of a loved one. Perhaps you’ve experienced many traumatic experiences such as ongoing sexual, physical, or emotional abuse occurring over months or years. Anxiety is generally the outcome of experiences such as these. You may also experience anxiety and not know the cause. Regardless of where the anxiety comes from I’ve found that the combination of a supportive trusting relationship and mindfulness-based counseling is extremely impactful in reducing the suffering you may be experiencing due to anxiety.

Anxiety can come in many forms. It can range from a low level agitation, chronic worry, specific phobias or fears, to flashbacks of traumatic experiences and full on panic attacks. Mindfulness based therapy in very effective in treating and resolving the reactions that create anxiety. These reactions, that are the core of our suffering, are usually a constellation of mental activity (thoughts) and body activity in the nervous system (emotional type body sensations). By using a mindfulness approach we can desensitize ourselves to reactions we experience, both mentally and physically, and reduce or eliminate the suffering produced by situations that would have previously been very unsettling or even terrifying. The mindfulness approach to working with anxiety allows one to gently accept and feel their experience without being overwhelmed by it. On the level of thoughts, one can work with anxious thoughts using mindfulness as a anchor and keeping ourselves from getting too wrapped up in agitating or fearful thinking, worrying, etc.

Most of my clients begin feeling relief from anxiety after the first 2-3 sessions. If you are interested in finding out more feel free to contact me for a free 20 minute consultation, in person or on the phone.

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